The most beautiful action

a person can do
is be useful to their fellow man


Our Sanctuary vaunts a long and extraordinary history of volunteer work. Today, the work of volunteers is even more indispensable in order to contain management costs as much as possible. Volunteers are precious to us!
We particularly appreciate the help of “specialized” workers: stone masons, carpenters, blacksmiths, electrictians, plumbers …. DIYers.
We’ll provide room and board, fresh mountain air, sun and… plenty of work!
Whoever would be willing to volunteer their help for a few days, please contact the following number


We also welcome any “younger” volunteers who want to gain some experience in doing various tasks (working as waiters, receptionists, assistant bartenders or hosts, doing kitchen and housework, taking part in liturgical animation…)
We require a minimum period of two weeks (possibly arriving on Friday evening so as to start work on Saturday morning and ending the volunteer period on Sunday around 5:00 p.m.).
We will give a contribution towards expenses, as well as room and board.
Whoever is interested, please download and fill in the form below and send it to

THANK YOU in advance for your help!!

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