This large army barrack has recently been expanded and can now house 75 people.
The new wing has a heating system for the rooms and solar panels for warm water.
The facilities of this building include a well equipped kitchen, a dining hall, a large outside area for games and a circular prayer and meditation area.


This small house has 3 bedrooms with 2 bunkbeds in each and can thus sleep 12 people. There is a bathroom with toilets and showers.
Since this building hasn’t got a kitchen, it’s normally annexed to one of the other shelters nearby (either the Larice shelter which sleeps 50 or the Edvige shelter which sleeps 25).


This small house next to the San Giachino Lodge, is suitable for 20 people.
On the ground floor there is a well equipped kitchen, with both a fridge and freezer, as well as a dining hall and a toilet.
On the 1st floor there is a large sleeping quarter with 10 bunk beds and a bathroom with shower. There is an open area next to the building for activities and games.


Located at the Lombarda Pass (2,350 m.), just a few steps away from the French border, this shelter can lodge 38 people.
It has a cooker with gas burners, a fridge, a freezer, toilets and showers.
There are 20 kg gas tanks that supply gas to the cooker and the gas water heater while electricity is supplied by a diesel fuel powered generator.
In the area below the building there is a large open space with a stone alter on which to celebrate Mass outdoors, but this area con also be used for activities and games. Starry skies and full moon nights make staying in this shelter a particularly striking experience.


This beautiful building located amongst the larch trees is equipped to house 50 people.
There is a dining hall, an indoor activity hall with a large fireplace that can be used in case of bad weather, bathrooms (including one for the disabled) and a well equipped kitchen.
The open area in front of the building can be used for outdoor activities. This shelter is often used together with the Bicocca shelter located next to it which can sleep an additional 12 people.


This shelter is located in the open area next to the San Gioachino Lodge and can house 72 people.
There are 2 well equipped kitchens, fridges, freezers and 2 dining halls so this building can actually be divided into 2 separate units with can house 24 and 48 people respectively.
The long covered area in front of the building can offer shelter in bad weather as well as the possibility of eating outside. There is also a large open area next to the building which can be very useful for activities and games.


This is the first shelter you meet on your way up to the Sanctuary. It can house 25 people.
This building is has a well equipped kitchen, a fridge, a freezer, toilets and showers.
In front of the house there is a large open area that can be used for activities and games. This shelter is used together with the nearby Bicocca shelter (with 12 beds) so that the overall number of people that can be housed in the complex rises to 37.


This former Carabinieri army core barrack (from which its name derives) is located 150 m from the Sanctuary along the road that takes to the Rock of the Apparition.
The house is equipped with a well furnished kitchen, a fridge, a freezer, toilets, showers and bunk beds. It can house 38 people.
There is also an open area next to the building for activities and games.

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