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We recommend planning a series of stops along the way and, possibly, saying a prayer or making a reflection as appropriate.

If you’re walking from Cuneo, once you reach Borgo San Dalmazzo we suggest taking the path that runs at the foot of the mountain and then the old military road that will take you from Piano Quinto (specifically from the group of houses called Frazione Bedoira), up to Pratolungo.

From Pratolungo there are a number of shortcuts for those on foot along the road that leads to the Sanctuary. The route is some 15 kilometers longand it generally takes 4 hours on foot.

It’s good to be able to do even just a stretch of road on foot, depending on one’s physical abilities (for example from the Madonna of the Snows chapel or from the fork in the road that takes to the Colle della Lombarda, or from the area called Baraccone or from Pratolungo). This way you will be able to pray as you walk. However reaching the Sanctuary completely exhausted could defeat the purpose of the spiritual experience altogether.

To make an authentic pilgrimage we vividly suggest trying to establish a true contact with God by praying and taking part in the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.

Do not embark on this long treck, as in a sports event, without the adequate training.
Choose roads without heavy traffic. Follow the rules of the road regarding pedestrians. Especially when walking along roads outside of the towns or villages:

✅ walk in the opposite direction to traffic (along two-way roads);

✅ if there aren’t streetlights along the roads, starting half an hour after sunset and until half an hour before sunrise, it’s mandatory to walk in single file;

✅ during the night hours, make sure you can be seen by carrying a flashlight and having reflective or fluorescent bands

✅ when visibility is poor, it is advisable to wear clearly visible clothing, such as vests or jackets with reflective or fluorescent areas.

It’s always best to use caution, but especially when walking on Saturday or Sunday nights.
For further information on pilgrimages to the Sanctuary of Sant’Anna di Vinadio, visit the website

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