We are all invited to walk…


(21stJune– 20thSeptember)

 Topic of the year: We walk together

 Safety information: all the initiatives will take place in accordance with health safety guidelines.

 In  July and August: every Saturday evening there will be a torchlight procession to “Madonna delle Nevi”, every Saturday and Sunday afternoon a blessing of children and families.

        Plan from the 4th until the 26th of July 2020

  • Saturday, 4th of July: in the afternoon there will be the choir San Biagio di Centallo, choir that will also animate the torchlight procession at 9:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, 5th of July: Polyphonic choir “Monserrato” Borgo S. Dalmazzo and polyphonic choir “Fidei Donum” Roccavione will hold an outdoor afternoon concert.
  • Saturday, 11th of July: fifth diocesan pilgrimage, presided over by the bishop. Animation of the Eucharistic liturgy at 11.00 a.m. will be attended by the “Villanovese choir” of Villanova Mondovì.
  • Sunday, 12th of July: day of the parish of Monsola: the choir will animate the Holy Mass with newlyweds and those who celebrate a significant wedding anniversary.In the afternoon there will be a party to give back the ribbons to the families: the choir “Le Dolci Note”, composed by the children of Rivoira di Boves, will be present.
  • From the 17th of July:every evening at 8.45 pm there will be the Novena prayer in preparation for the patronal feast
  • Sunday, 19th of July:Blessing of the parents that are expecting babies andday of pilgrims that are coming on foot from Valle Gesso, Cuneo and surroundings.
  • Saturday, 25th of July:In the afternoon there will be the open-air concert of the “Coro’naria” choir which will also animate the Holy Mass on the Eve.
  • Sunday, 26th of July: (program for this day is being defined). Patronal feast of Sant’Anna and San Gioachino. At 11:00 am there will be an outdoor international Holy Mass: the animation of the Liturgy will be handled by the inter-parish choir “Pacem in Terris”. In the afternoon “prayer in music” animated by the same choir.                                                                   

     Plan from the 1st until the 24th of August 2020

  • Saturday 1st of August: Grandparents’ day and pilgrimage of parishes and chapels dedicated to Sant’Anna. Holy Mass animated by the parish choir of Vernante. In the afternoon: discussion meeting on “The spread of devotion to Saint Anna in our lands” by Prof. Bramardi Maria.
  • Monday, 3rd of August: pilgrimage of the parish of Limone Piemonte with pilgrims by car and others coming on foot from the “Terme di Valdieri”.
  • Sunday, 9th of August: the choir of Valgrana will be present.
  • Friday, 14th of August: it’s the eve of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. At 9 p.m., at the beginning of the “year of Dante”, Prof. Valter Giordano will present the XXXIII° canto of the Paradise taken from the “Divine Comedy” with the hymn to Mary.
  • Sunday, 16th of August: Presence of the “Choral Laus Jucunda” and, in the afternoon, Marian songs.
  • Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of August: “star party” party of the Bisalta Astrofili and di Venaria Astrofili Associations. Every evening it will be possible to gaze at the sky and stars with powerful telescopes provided by the astrophiles and their associations.
  • Sunday 23rd of August: Holy Mass of praise for the Creation, together with the astrophiles.
  • Monday, 24th of August: pilgrimage of the Vinadiesi (people from Vinadio) for the vow of the year 1664


     Plan from the 25th of August until the 20th of September 2020

  • Saturday 29th: pilgrimage of the people from Passatore and from Roccavione. In the evening there will be the torchlight procession to “Madonna delle Nevi”
  • Sunday 30th of August: Presence of the group “La Vespa nel cuore” and, at the end of the Holy Mass, blessing of the Vespe motorcycles.
  •  Saturday 5th of September: in the morning, catechesis of Monsignor Derio Olivero, Bishop of Pinerolo and Holy Mass presided over by the Bishop himself. In the evening there will be the torchlight procession to “Madonna delle Nevi”.
  •  Sunday 6th of September: pilgrimage of the Parish of Fontanelle (Boves).
  • Saturday 12th of September: ecological morning (waste collection and cleaning, tidying up, of the areas near the Sanctuary).       In the afternoon, party of the Sanctuary Volunteers and Holy Mass of thanksgiving animated by the Volunteers.
  •  Saturday 19th of September: in the evening, there will be the torchlight procession to “Madonna delle Nevi”.
  •  Sunday 20th of September: closing of Sanctuary for the end of the season. The choir from Valle Stura will be present.







It might look like a strange topic for a year in which, due to the pandemic, pilgrimages have been suspended, but in truth the suggested topic, “walking together”, stays relevant.
Pope Francis in fact says:
“Walking is the metaphor that reveals the real meaning of our life, a life that is not self-sufficient but always in search of something greater.
Walking is an effort: daily patience and constant training are needed. Walking also requires the humbleness to retrace one’s steps and to take care of your travel mates, as only together we can walk well.
To walk, in short, requires a continuous conversion of self”.

We are all invited to walk. Yes, all of us!







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