St. Anne’s Day


St. Anne’s Day – 26 July

With the memory of the saints, the Church wants to thank God for giving us these special people, manifesting his saving action in the history of his people.
On July 26, the Church celebrates the solemnity of Saint Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus, to express her gratitude and to remember how God’s love sustains and guides the steps of each one of us, as he did with Sant ‘Anna. With this feast, to which we prepare each year with the novena, the Church remembers the obedience of St. Anne to the Law of God, her trust in him, and above all reminds us that the “celestial granny” continues to intercede for all us who invoke her with our prayers.
The Sanctuary of  Saint Anna, whose walls are almost entirely covered with ex voto and thanks for grace received, can confirm this.
In this Church we feel the presence of the saint, who accompanies every Christian along the journey of his life.
There are countless people who invoke Sant’Anna to get the gift of motherhood: just see the “cascade of life” overflowing with pink and blue bows that parents bring each year to the Shrine to thank the Saint for the precious gift received, and for to invoke protection for their children and their growth on their children.
A special look is in fact aimed at families and their children in particular at this Shrine: every Sunday at h. 15.00, before the Mass, the blessing of the children is celebrated, with prayers and songs full of joy.

f002Every year, therefore, we prepare ourselves with the novena to live intensely the feast of Saint Anne. Every evening at 21.00 in the Church a meditation is held, led by the priests who serve the Shrine, sometimes animated by the groups of young people who stay here.
On Saturday evening, if time permits, the procession “aux flambeaux” takes place with the recitation of some mysteries of the Holy Rosary, starting from the churchyard to the statue of Our Madonna of the Snow, where we receive a large bonfire and where stops for meditation and prayer. We return to the Church and end with blessing and singing.